Bursting from AREC

Ok so I’ve just been to arec2012 and I am full of info to share with you.bthere were some amazing speakers there and I want to share a couple of thoughts with you. One thing is that if you ask me how the market is you are guaranteed to hear me say this “well that … Continue reading

Building defects and tenancy

Brand new buildings are squeaky clean, flashy and carry an prestigious tag. However little hiccups can occur once the property is occupied and someone commences living in the property, which may not have been identified prior at the defect inspections. It takes someone to actually start using the property to identify these. With the concessions … Continue reading

Managing Rent Increases!

 These are part and parcel of on ongoing tenancy it has to be said. Though if not handled correctly can be very detrimental to a tenancy and the relationship between landlord and tenant. It needs to be established that, although there are two parties involved in this the Landlord and Tenant, they are still people … Continue reading

Maintenance in a tenancy!

Maintenance items play an integral role in the management of a tenancy. Maintenance items can range from the small leaking tap to the burst pipe which ruins carpets, furniture, the lot! These items cannot be only looked at from the financial side of things but also how this may be affecting someone’s family life or … Continue reading


Hello and welcome to my brand spanking new blog! Here I plan to provide you with what I see through my eyes and ask you the questions that I ask myself on a daily, weekly slash whenever the thought dawns upon me I suppose.  I will keep it short and sweet (you know because i … Continue reading